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What is a LightBoard?

At it’s roots, a Lightboard is really just a Transparent ‘Whiteboard’ with built-in edge lighting that allows specific markers to glow! It’s a screen placed between you and your existing video conferencing setup that allows you to write naturally and maintain eye-contact, presence & engagement simultaneously with your audience.

Lightboarding is a commitment, for you and to your audience; Don’t let it’s “simplicity” fool you. It takes some effort but it can truly scale to something incredible with the only limit being your Imagination, so let us help you out along the way and save you weeks, if not months, through our Training & Support.

PS: No! You don’t need to write backwards! …Let software handle all of that for you; No fancy “hardware switchers” or other overly complex, expensive, nonsense required!

For some other FAQs, you can find more answers in our FAQ & Tutorials section or Contact Us any time; We’d love to chat with you!

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The Lightboard is a virtual presentation & collaboration tool designed to increase audience engagement. It creates impact through the Harmonization of Written, Non-Verbal and Digital Information & Content.

The LightBoard Depot Advantages

Complete Drop-In Lightboard Studio Rentals/Purchasing

Professional-Quality Visual Presentations & Collaborations

On-Site Presenter Tech Support & Training

Content Formatting & Creation Services

Canadian-based Customer Support Help Desk, Virtual Tech Support & After-Hours Hotline

Regular Equipment Maintenance & Stationary Resupply

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Latest News & Media

Latest News & Media

There are endless ways to make use of the LightBoard

Coaching & Training

Design & Consulting

Teaching & Education

Telehealth & Medicine

Performance & Arts

Meetings & Discussion

Corporate Training



Business Development

~ Setup | Startup | STARuptm ~

With LightBoard Depot, you’re not just buying a LightBoard, you are buying our Commitment to Your Success!

With our comprehensive three-stage “Setup | Startup | STARuptm ” training methodology, combined with the worlds most adaptable Lightboard Studio Kits, we GUARANTEE users of all skill-levels and backgrounds can be successful with their Lightboards, and will learn to do so at a pace they are most comfortable and confident, in order to reach their goals.

As part of our commitment to Success: Each Kit from us includes a minimum of One (1) Free Introductory Training Session to get you comfortable and delivering professional quality content in no time.

Looking for introductory workshops, seminars or private lessons? Have a Lightboard already and need extra help? Purchase a Training Program or Contact Us for more details & offerings!

Looking for a kit that fits your workspace?

Shopping for an Educational Institution or Not-for-Profit? — Contact Us for promotional pricing we can offer you!

Looking to get a personalized studio?

Contact Us any time & we’d be happy to help!

Powering your bright ideas!

Powering your

bright ideas!

At LightBoard Depot, we give you ALL the tools & support you need to easily drop-in & manage a studio of your own.

Enhance your Online Teaching, Virtual Events & Presentation experience and work effectively from the comfort of your own home or office, while providing profession quality experiences to your audience!

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