A LIGHT at the End of the Remote Learning Tunnel

Yes, school teachers, instructors, healthcare workers, artists, entertainers… there is a light at the end of your remote learning tunnel, and it’s called The LightBoard Depot Inc.

With this pandemic not letting up for the foreseeable future, more and more people have had to make the transition to remote instruction to allow their students to continue learning in the most effective way possible.

Many making the transition to on-line instruction and are becoming frustrated as they discover the real challenges they face, and struggle with how to overcome them. Teaching is already a difficult and demanding job without suddenly switching to a new format.  

Adapting to new technologies like Zoom or any other video conferencing software obviously has it learning curve, and isn’t well suited for remote learning.

Just the fact teachers and students are missing out on the personal, face-to-face interaction even while using a video, is difficult, especially when sharing a screen using a PowerPoint presentation or video, because the instructors face goes away.

Some have resorted to using white boards while pointing their video camera toward the board with their back to the camera while writing on it, then having to go back to their computer to put up a new slide on the PowerPoint.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is a piece of glass that’s positioned between you and camera, which allows you to draw in much the same way you would on a blackboard or a whiteboard, but while facing your audience. And no, you don’t have to write backward for your audience to read what you’ve put on the board. The technology does that for you. You can also bring up slides, PowerPoints, videos or anything you have on your computer.

Originally created in 2016, The LightBoard Depot Inc. has perfected the technology for today’s unexpected and unprecedented needs. Within the next few years’ it is expected that remote instruction will become more and more mainstream with likely a balanced mix of on-line and in-person learning.

The global pandemic has certainly changed our world, especially how we engage with one another and The Lightboard Depot Inc. is changing the way to teach online. This technology can fit in any room and doesn’t require a fancy studio. Just a webcam and a tripod.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is becoming recognized as the ideal way to improve the online learning experience for students and instructors alike, making the process far more fun and interactive while keeping you as face-to-face as virtually possible.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is here to help you take your remote learning experience to the next level, all while keeping you as face-to-face with your students as you can get, without being in the same room.

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