Redeemer University Embraces New LightBoard Depot Inc. Technology to Make Remote Education More Accessible

Redeemer University, a distinguished private Christian liberal arts and sciences university located in the vibrant community of Ancaster, is thrilled to announce the integration of cutting-edge Lightboard Depot Inc. technology into its educational toolkit.

This advancement is part of the university’s ongoing commitment to enhancing online and in-person learning experiences, ensuring that education remains engaging, accessible, and innovative.

A Lightboard, at its core, is a transparent, illuminated whiteboard designed to enhance communication during presentations by allowing speakers to write notes while maintaining eye contact with their online-remote audience. This simple yet revolutionary tool is equipped with edge lighting that makes special markers glow, thus enhancing visibility and engagement. There is no need to write backward either, the software will handle all that for The LightBoard Depot Inc. users.

Harold DeVries, MBA, Director of the Innovation Centre at Redeemer University, expressed excitement about integrating this technology into education: “I saw this technology and right away said ‘we have to have this.’” “This tool not only facilitates more interactive learning environments but also bridges the gap between traditional and digital educational methods. It’s a game-changer for us.” DeVries also adds: “My colleagues were convinced that this was something that would be of great benefit to the school in a number of ways, so the decision was made to buy three units.”

The Innovation Centre at Redeemer University serves as a central hub for applied creativity, offering students and faculty the resources to explore ideas, experiment with concepts, and bring those ideas to fruition both on and off campus. The addition of The LightBoard Depot Inc. technology is a testament to this mission, providing a dynamic tool for enhancing teaching methodologies and learning experiences across disciplines.

The Lightboard’s versatility extends beyond the classroom. It proves invaluable in various settings including online presentations, career training, and even in medical fields for telehealth appointments, such as reviewing X-rays.

Training and support will be provided to faculty and staff at Redeemer University to ensure seamless adoption and utilization of the Lightboards. This initiative underscores the university’s proactive approach to preparing for the next academic year, with the aim of fully leveraging the technology to benefit students and educators alike.

“A lot of people have stories that they want to tell. A lot of people have lessons that they have learned that they want to share, so this is just a tool that we can make available to them, to allow them to explore that creativity, which goes right down to the core of why the innovation centre was created at Redeemer,” DeVries adds.

As Redeemer University continues to invest in technologies that elevate the educational experience, The Lightboard Depot Inc. is set to play a crucial role in shaping the future of learning at the institution and beyond. The university looks forward to seeing the positive impact this technology will have on student engagement and learning outcomes both online, hybrid and in person, making education far more accessible for people.

For more information about Redeemer University and its innovative use of Lightboard technology, please contact:

Harold DeVries, MBA

Director, Innovation Centre

Redeemer University

For media interviews, please contact:

Paul Fitzgerald

Publicist for The LightBoard Depot Inc.

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