Why The LightBoard Depot Inc. is the perfect work-from-home-gift

You don’t need to get that special someone a new laptop this Christmas.

Instead, you can get your favourite teacher, instructor, professor, or business coach The LightBoard Depot Inc.

With every new technological advancement, teachers and professors have to grapple with a new distraction in their classroom.

In the classrooms of today, virtually every student has a smartphone in their pocket and a computer on their lap. It’s estimated that between 70% and 80% of students aged 13-17 own a gaming console.

Up to 75% of adults have listened to an audiobook in the last year, and as of 2019 at least 52% of the population use a digital e-reader to consume their books and novels.

For many younger students, technology had a home in their hands from the time they developed enough grip strength to hold an iPad, and yet many educators continue relying on old, static teaching methods for a generation that has never lived a static life.

The LightBoard and accessories from The LightBoard Depot Inc. were specifically designed with the students of today in mind. A glass pane allows teachers to write, draw and erase the same way they would on a traditional blackboard, but provide instructors with the opportunity to maintain continuous eye contact with students, keeping students continuously engaged in the lesson. Students are able to maintain a relationship with their instructor at all times, an often arduous task in the world of remote learning.

In addition to the basic writing function, The LightBoard Depot Inc. allows for easy integration of other educational content.

Mike Justason of The LightBoard Depot Inc. at BizCon 2022.

Gone are the days of dragging in a TV cart and rewinding VHS tapes for the sake of a 5-minute video, because The LightBoard Depot Inc. allows you to add your video content directly onto your existing virtual chalkboard. Gone are the days of including a YouTube link in a paper syllabus with no possible way to know who actually watched the content, because The LightBoard Depot Inc. allows you to watch together in real time. Gone are the days of the back row missing important notes because they can’t decipher your words off of a fuzzy projector screen, because The LightBoard Depot Inc. is bright, clear and easily shareable.

Students want an educational experience that reflects the world they live in. Don’t let your students fall behind by letting the technology in your classroom fall behind.

Join the 100s of other educators across North America using The LightBoard Depot Inc. to help students fall back in love with education. The LightBoard Depot Inc. is available in its standard version, and The FLEX is a more smaller unit that is perfect for any desk and while traveling.

Give the gift of remote learning this Holiday Season. That someone special who wants to make a positive impact on the lives of students will certainly appreciate it on every level.