The LightBoard Depot Inc. set to showcase its technology at the 2023 Innovations in Education Conference

If you are attending this year’s Innovations in Education Conference, then this is your chance to learn more about The LightBoard Depot Inc. and how this technology is a game-changer for remote teaching.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. team will have the opportunity to showcase their technology at the major conference that is being held on Thursday, December 7 at McMaster Innovation Park (175 Longwood Road, Suite 101A, Hamilton, ON).

To register for this year’s conference, visit: 2023 Innovations in Education Conference

The theme of this year’s conference is “Taking risks and embracing challenge.”

The LightBoard launched during the height of the pandemic and teachers, instructors, professors, and business coaches are raving about the technology and how it helps engage learners on so many levels.

Those attending the 2023 Innovations in Education Conference will get the inside scoop on this new cutting-edge technology and how it has reimagined online learning spaces and redefined what is capable within them.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. transforms dull online classes into a robust classroom experience with improved learning outcomes.

It’s no secret online meetings have become an inescapable reality for workplaces and schools. The COVID-19 pandemic ensured effective communication in a digital space is integral for staff, teachers, and students everywhere.

Most everyone grew all too familiar with Zoom meetings or classrooms, and Zoom fatigue set in. Those communicating in a professional or learning environment reached points of diminishing returns in the effectiveness of digital meetings as engagement lagged due to the impersonal nature of the medium.  

The LightBoard Debot Inc.’s game-changing technology ramps up the engagement of dull Zoom calls by affording presenters the same tools they would work with in a classroom or a boardroom.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s product sets up like a glass pane between the webcam and the presenter. An instructor can write on the glass pane as they would a whiteboard while facing the classroom.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s remarkable technology allows visuals to be shared on the screen, allowing the use of existing content like PowerPoint slides or spreadsheets which the instructor can interact with in real-time.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s screen can display anything a computer screen can display. In addition to allowing the instructor to write, or draw, on a crystal-clear screen while facing their audience on camera, the text automatically reverses so the viewer can read it perfectly.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. was launched officially in the fall of 2020, and last year they expanded their technology horizons with Obsidian Screens. Both brands are partners with The Forge at McMaster University.

There is a standard version of the product, and the team recently launched The FLEX – a smaller and portable version.