Why you need to include The LightBoard Depot Inc. to your back-to-school supplies

The field of education-technology has come a long way since the days of messy slate chalkboards and fuzzy overhead projectors.

As technology has advanced, pedagogy has followed close behind. With the rise of online learning, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educators are experimenting with different pedagogies, such as the flipped-classroom model, while trying to ensure that their students have access to the classroom tools they need for success in the digital age.

When every student has a smartphone in their pocket and a computer on their lap, how are educators expected to keep their students’ eyes on the board? With The LightBoard and accessories from The LightBoard Depot Inc., keeping your students engaged in the classroom has never been easier.

Shauna Gupta, English for Academic Preparation Professor at Niagara College, exemplifies the need for technological advancement in classrooms today.

“It’s a new world and we need new tools,” says Gupta, and she has the statistics to back it up. She uses technology from the Lightboard Depot Inc. in her classes, which have seen an increase in student engagement by an extraordinary 70%.

She continues, “Students love it. To me, teaching and learning are something sacred. We’re here where we are with this technology, with this world we live in, because of teaching and learning”. Gupta credits the device for not only improving rates of engagement among her students, but also for inspiring students, showing them that instructors were willing to put in the effort to make online learning accessible and engaging for them.

The Lightboard Depot Inc. provides a unique and revolutionary way for educators to showcase digital content. A glass pane is placed between the instructor and a camera, on which the instructor can write, draw, and erase just as they would on an old-school chalkboard. Not only can they write and draw, but they can simultaneously use the Lightboard to integrate audio/video content, power-point slides, spreadsheets, PDFs and more!

The instructor is continuously able to maintain eye contact with students from behind the glass pane while they lecture, helping to maintain engagement, as well as a relationship between the student and instructor; which can be a daunting task in online learning environments.

“I don’t know how I would have taught virtually without it,” says Christine Dicarlo, Professor at Mohawk College.

Join the 100s of educators using The Lightboard Depot Inc. across Canada , and give your students the learning experience they deserve!