Are you in the banking or financial sectors? Then shine some “light” on your career path with The LightBoard Depot Inc.

We’ve begun to realize the importance of remote working as our employees have been experiencing the virtual boardroom. Working as the dog waits to go outside and cartoons persist in the background. It’s the new way to stay connected. The age of remote learning and working has been brought to life with LightBoard Depot Inc. It’s critical as companies, including the big banks and financial institutions are seeing its many benefits.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is suiting up to help executives and their clients reach their goals and continue their operations. The LightBoard Depot Inc. eliminates the confusion as their innovative technology engages the user by utilizing just a piece of glass and a camera. Its users present, explain graphs, information, and charts with their clients and fellow teammates. The beauty of it all is that you can maintain eye contact, never missing a beat. “Our new technology allows you to maintain eye contact. You can continuously face an audience and it helps to maintain that relationship,” says Mike Justason, LightBoard creator and Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University.

As a professional in the banking or financial sector, you may be aware that face-to-face meetings are key in ensuring all parties understand the topics at hand. For example, new banking products, stocks, bonds, and wills, can be a bit intimidating. Financial services, business accounts, and management are highly important in meeting certain standards. 

“Those who are using our technology are raving about it. Everyone loves it as a remote learning tool as it makes everyone feel connected, regardless of their geographic location,” Justason says.” Thanks to its free Open Source Software, users can have a custom LightBoard built to fit their space at home without having to be in the boardroom or office setting. “The Lightboard will allow you to draw and effectively deliver the right content to your audience,” he adds.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. became very popular during COVID-19. The team behind it didn’t want any relationship to suffer during the ongoing stay at home orders. As we have seen, remote learning and meetings have been brought to the living room, bedroom, basement, and garage. With LightBoards in depth training and support, employees do not need to take any additional time out of their busy schedules.

As Justason says, “Online doesn’t have to suck.”

This year, The LightBoard Depot Inc. anticipates more interest from corporations involved in the banking and financial sectors as new partnerships begin to arise. 

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