The Beanstalk Project and The LightBoard Depot Inc. Helps Connect Youth with Real World Skills

Two powerhouse organizations are joining forces to help build a better workforce for tomorrow.

Meet The LightBoard Depot Inc., technology that is dramatically changing online teaching and learning, and The Beanstalk Project, an organization that helps students better transition from high school to the real world, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and the trades.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. has introduced innovative tech that makes online learning fun and engaging, while The Beanstalk Project is aimed at creating a more vibrant and skilled workforce. More specifically, The Beanstalk Project develops and offers online courses and one of its formats is called ICE – Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship training.

What makes The Beanstalk Project so unique is that they connect with a community or industry partner. The partner presents authentic “challenges” to students and the students are able to act like consultants and give ideas back to the partner.

“Students often follow career paths that they’re familiar with. But the world has changed dramatically, so students need more help than ever to explore the possibilities for their futures. Partnering with innovative organizations like LightBoard Depot gives students insight into potential career paths and jobs they might not have thought of before,” says Joel Hilchey, who is the Founder of The Beanstalk Project and a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University.

“We are aligning ourselves together to look after the most important stakeholder of them all: the students. As education changes, students need a voice in how these innovative technologies get used. Ultimately, this gives them insight into how to drive change in their communities and in their future work.”

The big goal with the partnership is to give students exposure to different sectors and open their eyes to the opportunities and paths that are available in their field of interest.

Hilchey adds, “While we are seeking more partners, The LighBoard Depot Inc. will be a huge asset to our goals and vision: not only are they a local start-up in Hamilton, but their technology is super-cool, and their business model is really exciting for students interested in manufacturing and entrepreneurship.”

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is fascinating in its design and application. The LightBoard Depot Inc. utilizes a webcam, tripod, and a piece of glass that allows the user to broadcast to an audience in a conference, seminar, or classroom setting. Showcasing Free Open-Source Software, The LightBoard Depot Inc. user can write, draw, and explain with ease as the technology flips the words around so an audience can understand. The new technology is a hit, especially in the wake of COVID-19 and is now being used by scores of notable higher-education institutions, businesses and organizations, like McMaster University and Mohawk College in Hamilton, Durham Deaf Services, and Arts For A Better Tomorrow in Los Angeles. This year, The LightBoard Depot Inc. anticipates more interest from corporations involved in commerce, banking, and health care.

Mike Justason, who is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, is the brainchild behind bringing this new and innovative technology from the studio into the homes of educators. He is elated with the new partnership with The Beanstalk.

“The LightBoard Depot Inc. was created with one goal in mind: to do something to make teaching and learning better for everyone,” explains Justason. “I support anyone who wants to make online learning better, because online doesn’t have to suck,” he laughs, “and now we have an opportunity to work with The Beanstalk Project and help empower and enrich the lives of a skilled and dynamic workforce for tomorrow.

Visit The Beanstalk Project online today and discover how they are having a positive impact on students. Also, visit The LightBoard Depot Inc. and learn how they are transforming online teaching and learning.

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