How The LightBoard Depot Inc. will transform your online teaching

There is no question that the Coronavirus has affected the way teachers teach. Where is the chalk, where is the recess bell, where are those tasty chicken sandwiches from the cafeteria? This pandemic definitely threw a curveball into the mix with stay home orders being implemented. How can we create new ways for students to engage and interact online? The brains behind The LightBoard can explain that with professional quality visuals and at home convenience the sky’s the limit for learning.

“I don’t know how I would have taught virtually without it,” says Christine Dicarlo, Professor at Mohawk College. The ability to transition from a school classroom to a makeshift classroom in your basement or home office is remarkable. Yes, you can jazz up your space but without kids in the class, it can be extra challenging to talk to just a screen. That’s where LightBoard Depot Inc. comes in. LightBoard is a piece of glass positioned between the camera and the presenter where you can then draw as you would on a blackboard.

The brainchild behind this idea, Mike Justason, highlights the benefits. “You can continuously face an audience and it helps to maintain that relationship between the student and the instructor which can be very challenging in online teaching,” he adds that words are flipped so the audience can decipher what’s written.

The team at LightBoard including Engineer Professor Adrian Kitai, and entrepreneur Chris Cavalieri, has seen their business boom since the pandemic presented itself.  “COVID-19 gave me the kick-in-the-butt I needed,” said Justason. “We launched in May of 2020 in order to help professors, lecturers, teachers, and business leaders teach more effectively.”

“The LightBoard allows me to teach more like I would in the classroom,” Dicarlo mentioned. “You get a lot of support.” The LightBoard is a solution to the virtual classroom and enhances the students’ experience. Dicarlo highlights the ability to maintain eye contact, “The benefit? I can write on the board without turning away from the students.”

With another lockdown in place, Ontario and many parts of Canada could be affected by these restrictions for a while. The LightBoard Depot Inc. is the way of the future as more colleges, universities, and businesses take advantage of this new technology. “Those who are using our technology are raving about it too. Everyone loves it as a remote learning tool as it makes everyone feel connected, regardless of their geographic location.” Justason says.

Grab the attention of your audience online! Say, “goodbye” to boring slideshow presentations. The LightBoard Depot believes that face-to-face interaction and the ability to use visuals to aid the way students interpret information can lead to a much more positive experience.

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