Shining A Light on Remote Learning with The Lightboard Depot

It’s been just over a year since COVID-19 took its grip on the world. With its presence, virtual interaction has expanded for not only communicating with friends and family but for learning purposes as well.

A Hamilton, Ont. based start-up called Lightboard Depot is taking remote presenting to another level with its Lightboard technology.

This 54-inch learning device was thought of well before the pandemic by Mike Justason, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. “The Lightboard will allow you to draw and effectively deliver the right content to your audience. More importantly, our new technology allows you to maintain eye contact,” he highlights. “You can continuously face an audience and it helps to maintain that relationship between the student and the instructor which can be very challenging in online teaching.”

Christine DiCarlo, who teaches in the Business Faculty at Mohawk College says, “I could not have taught during COVID shutdown without it.” Teachers have been faced with the challenge of not being able to instruct how they used to as the pen and paper are becoming a thing of the past.

By using the supplied piece of glass that’s positioned between the presenter and camera, Lightboard Depot has created a new way to engage with students, staff, and other audiences.  “It allows you to draw in much the same way you would on a blackboard or a whiteboard,” explains Justason.

“I love the engagement. It’s been amazing because you can have conversations, and give examples,” DiCarlo shares. “With the ability to lip read, or draw pictures and get your point across the students contribute more.”

Having the opportunity to show and tell if you will, establishes a relationship between the presenter and their audience. By illustrating ideas it can lead to a better understanding while also integrating other familiar interfaces. “If I’m just doing a brainstorm, and I’m writing bullet points, I’ll sit there I’ll write one, and then they’ll start coming out with stuff just like you would in the classroom,” DiCarlo highlights. “I haven’t had to really change my teaching style to adjust to virtual teaching.”

DiCarlo also mentions that even for individuals who struggle with new technology, Lightboard is easy to grasp. “I’ve always been the teacher that seems uncomfortable with technology.” Lightboard depot provides a vast range of resources that staff can look to in time of need. “They have great instructions, very clear, simple instructions,” DiCarlo mentioned.

With the global pandemic changing the world in which we engage with each other, Lightboard Depot has sparked a fuse in the way to teach online with Free Open Source Software that only requires a webcam and tripod. This technology can fit in any room where you wouldn’t know you are in an unfinished basement or corner of a bedroom.

“Everyone loves it as a remote learning tool as it makes everyone feel connected, regardless of their geographic location,” says Justason.

Light up your learning with Lightboard Depot.

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