How The LightBoard Depot Inc. will benefit doctors and patients in the telemedicine space

There’s a new brainiac in town regarding remote learning. It’s not necessarily a new trend as telemedicine evolves. However, gone are the days of forgetting documents at home, poor scheduling, and frustration. Now,  LightBoard Depot Inc. is scrubbing up in the healthcare sector providing its users with its advanced virtual technology. 

There has been a shift in the way content is taught and retained during this global pandemic. The creators of LightBoard made it their mission to keep doctor & patient relationships as strong as they were in the office but now at home. Sorry, Mr. Skeleton. “The LightBoard is a piece of glass positioned between the camera and the presenter and it allows you to draw in much the same way you would on a blackboard or a whiteboard,” says Mike Justason, Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University. Not only is this extraordinary for students, but this is a win-win for doctors and their patients. 

By using electronic communication like, video conferencing, image sharing, and patient monitoring, doctors can use The LightBoard to answer urgent questions. This technology brings a convenient consultation to the patient without adding the stress of having to go to a hospital or clinic. LightBoard is also a great tool for the presenter to explain x-rays or treatment tips for nonmedical emergencies. “Our new technology allows you to maintain eye contact,” Justason shares. “You can continuously face an audience and it helps to maintain that relationship.”

The LightBoard Depot Inc gives patients, staff, and students peace of mind while discussing healthcare topics. “I support anyone who wants to make remote learning better, because online doesn’t have to suck,” Justason laughs. Not only do patients get to enjoy their privacy by connecting with a physician, but they can also save time and money as they say goodbye to paid parking and other fees.  

The LightBoard Depot’s creators have seen doctors send videos and photos where they are seeing their patients and students engage and feel confident with their content. LightBoard has its users in mind, providing a lifetime of support and training so no one struggles. This year, LightBoard expected to be involved with new partners in commerce, banking, education, and healthcare. The future is bright with LightBoard Depot.

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