FLEX your remote teaching with The LightBoard Depot Inc.

The new year is the time for goal setting, both personally, professionally and academically. It’s the time of year we resolve to be better teachers, better students, and all-around better versions of ourselves.

Change can certainly be scary, but there can be no improvement without it. At the beginning of the pandemic, remote learning and non-traditional classroom models received pushback during their necessary inception, especially from those reluctant to alter their old-school methods of teaching, but the proven effectiveness of these newer methods indicates that change and advancement can lead directly to improvement. What better time is there to change your classroom for the betterment of students this year, and for the students in all years to come?

Usher in the new semester with the latest LightBoard Studio Kits from The LightBoard Depot Inc., and set your students up for success this year by providing them with the best possible educational experience.

As Canada’s #1 manufacturer of LightBoards, The LightBoard Depot Inc. remains on the cutting edge of pedagogical technology, exemplified by the latest development, The LightBoard FLEX. Delivering both portability and convenience, the smoother, sleeker design of The LightBoard FLEX is designed to adapt to your teaching environment.

Forgo the need for oversized permanent installations and dedicated studio space, as the foldable design of The LightBoard FLEX is intended to make moving, storage and transportation as easy as ABC, or 123. The LightBoard FLEX is even compact enough to be set up on top of an existing desk space, making it the right fit for any classroom.

The adjustable screen angle allows flexibility so you can always teach at your most comfortable. Whether you prefer a Lectern-style presentation, a STEM heavy writing display, or to sit behind your desk, The LightBoard FLEX adapts to your preferred teaching style, ensuring your students are always presented with you at your best.

LightBoard Kits from The LightBoard Depot Inc. are always completely customizable to your individual tech requirements and budgetary needs, and the dedicated staff are more than happy to assist in building a kit suitable to your pedagogy.

FLEX on the chalkboards and overhead projectors of the past, and join the 100s of other educators across North America using LightBoards from The LightBoard Depot Inc.!

Contact us today and let us help you take remote teaching and learning to a whole new level!