Looking to boost your remote teaching in 2023?

The world may be continuing to open up as the COVID-19 pandemic ramps down, but remote learning is not going the way of the virus.

The popularity of remote learning may have originally boomed as a result of necessity, but it is standing the test of time due to its proven effectiveness.

In our increasingly digital world, it is pivotal to find digital solutions that support the diverse needs of both students and teachers – and The LightBoard Depot Inc. is here to support you and your classroom through your transition to tech.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is Canada’s #1 manufacturer of LightBoards for a reason, providing a unique and revolutionary way for educators to showcase their lessons alongside the bonus digital content of their choice. Instructors have a glass pane placed between them and their camera, allowing the instructor to write, draw and erase the same way they would on a traditional blackboard.

While chalk and slate can support those basic functions just as well, The LightBoard Depot Inc. allows for the integration of other types of learning resources that are pivotal for students of today, including audio/video content, slide decks, spreadsheets, PDFs and more (and as an added bonus, a LightBoard Depot Inc. in your classroom means pants adorned with chalk prints are a fashion statement we can leave in the past)!

The glass pane allows professors to maintain continuous eye contact with students while they lecture, helping maintain engagement and facilitate a positive relationship between teacher and student that just cannot thrive within a traditional classroom model.

The proven pedagogical effectiveness of the LightBoard is in the numbers. Shauna Gupta, English for Academic Preparation Professor at Niagara College uses technology from the Lightboard Depot Inc. in her classes, which have seen student engagement increase by an astonishing 70%.

“Students love it,” says Gupta. “To me, teaching and learning are something sacred. We’re here where we are with this technology, with this world we live in, because of teaching and learning”.

Don’t let your classroom fall behind while the rest of the world is still catching up – join the 100s of other educators using LightBoards from the LightBoard Inc.