Thanh Campbell, Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Utilizes The FLEX

The inspiration behind the development of the revolutionary LightBoard Depot Inc. technology is rooted in a desire to help others be more productive and engaging in their online business, and to provide anyone with the ability to get their message out in the most technologically advanced way.

After being introduced to the technology, Thanh Campbell, a highly sought-after motivational speaker and online coach, was sold on it right away.

“When I was introduced to the LightBoard, it was revolutionary. As an online coach, and presenter, I’m able to stay engaged with my audience through the technology.”

The original LightBoard, which launched at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, is an amazing tool designed to greatly improve the online instruction experience. Students are all able to see their instructors face to face, while at the same time instructors can use any visual on their computer. Like a mini desktop studio, the standard LightBoard is a 54-inch acrylic (or glass) screen placed on the included desk in front of the camera. This set-up is perfect if you have a private room, basement, or office to put your LightBoard because at 54 inches a permanent area is required.

But then came along the LightBoard FLEX, which changed the game entirely. Now you can bring this amazing technology anywhere with the FLEX because it is specially made to adapt to your environment with a smaller, sleeker design, without the need for a permanent, dedicated space to assemble your studio. FLEX is 24×36 inches in size and retails for around $2,000 (CDN).

The FLEX is portable, and ideal for smaller areas, or even when traveling as it features the ability to ‘fold-up’ so it can be stored, moved or transported when not in use. And when planning to use it in a new space, simply unfold on-top of an existing desk or space when needed.

Thanh’s reaction to the FLEX says it all.

“I love it. And it’s portable, it’s mobile. If you’re in a hotel, you can have it with you. If you’re traveling, and you’re going to be somewhere else, you can take it with you. It’s brilliant in these changing times,” he explains during an interview.

Thanh’s career as a coach and inspirational speaker has him traveling often, and while staying in hotels, or conducting remote classes and training from home, to people around the world, the FLEX was exactly what he needed.

“When I’m coaching people, I’m writing a lot down, and my clients are taking notes, and I’m connecting with them,” he says.  

The remarkable technology behind the FLEX allows a presenter to write, or draw normally on a clear flexible screen, while facing their audience on camera, and the text automatically reverses so the viewer can read it perfectly.

“When I’m doing speaking events for groups like Progress, or Rotary, where I’ll be standing on stage, or a virtual stage, I’ll actually be able to have my screen shared, and rather than it taking-over the whole screen, I can do the picture-in-a-picture; it’s all just great.”

Thanh’s passion is to help others create the lives they want, and how to overcome the fears that hold them back from living their best life, as he knows all too well how fear can hold us back.

The story that fuels Thanh’s passion is the story of his own childhood, which is also the basis of his book, Orphan 32, which details his frightening experience as a small child when he was the 32nd Vietnamese orphan loaded onto a Canadian Forces plane on April 12, 1975, along with 56 other babies, who would become possibly the last infants flown from the country as part of Operation Babylift, a frantic effort to save lives before Saigon fell.

When he discovered the FLEX, and his experience was so positive, he could also see how useful this game-changing technology would be for others in the personal development and coaching industry.

And in his spirit of helping others, he wants to share the FLEX to every coach and trainer in his network.

“When I was shown how you can write on it, and the client sees it the right way, I asked: ‘what is this magic?’ This is why I want to introduce it to all of the online coaches that I’m in connection with, and with the speakers in the coach’s society, because this is such a great tool,” he says.

The creators of the LightBoard Depot Inc., and the FLEX were inspired to develop this game-changing technology to help those who teach, coach, or do business remotely. Thanh Campbell is also inspired to share this incredible tool with others in his industry, so they too can provide the most engaging and professional experience to their clients as well.  

Anywhere you have access to an internet connection, you can call your classroom with the FLEX, and give remote coaching a whole new meaning.