FLEX Gives a Whole New Meaning to “Remote” Learning

If you haven’t been the teacher or instructor using your laptop to conduct a class, you’ve likely watched a video or two of the school teacher dancing and singing in their dining room in front of a computer to their grade 2 class. Or the professor in his lecture hall with his whiteboard behind him teaching a physics class.

This is what “typical” remote instruction looks like when the classroom is empty and all of the students are at home, in their room or sitting at the kitchen table.

The word “remote’ actually has 2 meanings, only one of which applies to the above description of remote instruction.

  • A place situated far from the main centers of population
  • Having very little connection with learners

In most situations the instructor teaching remotely is not “situated far from the centers of population” but certainly does experience “very little connection with” their students.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is an amazing tool to greatly improve the online instruction experience for the student by allowing them to see his or her instructor face to face, while the instructor can use any visual on their computer on The LightBoard Depot Inc.

Like a mini desktop studio, The LightBoard Depot Inc. is a 54 inch acrylic (or glass) screen placed on the included LightBoard desk in front of the camera. This set-up is perfect if you have a private room, basement or office, because at 54 inches a permanent area is required.

But the new LightBoard FLEX changes all that!

Now you can bring the amazing technology of the The LightBoard Depot Inc. anywhere with the FLEX because it is specially made to adapt to your environment with a smaller, sleeker design, without the need for a permanent, dedicated space to assemble your studio. The FLEX is 24 x 36 in size and retails for about $2,000.

The FLEX is portable and ideal for smaller areas, or even when traveling as it features the ability to ‘fold-up’ so it can be stored, moved or transported when not in use. And when planning to use it in a new space, simply un-fold on-top of an existing desk or space when needed.

Anywhere you have access to an internet connection you can call your classroom with the FLEX, and give remote a whole new meaning.

Please contact our team anytime for information about the FLEX and how we can customize your kit to fit your needs.

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