The LightBoard Depot Inc. Named Best Video Conferencing Equipment Manufacturer in Ontario by The New World Report

The Lightboard Depot Inc. has been revolutionizing the world of online communication, providing accessible kits and training to turn technical and non-technical presenters, educators, and coaches into remote teaching professionals.

The technology and efforts of The LightBoard Depot Inc. are also being recognized in a big way at the local, national, and international levels. You see, The New World Report has just named the company the “Best Video Conferencing Equipment Manufacturer in Ontario” in the Category of “Canadian Made” brands.

Since the start of the pandemic, The LightBoard Depot Inc. took the remote teaching world by storm. Teachers, instructors and professors began utilizing the technology to keep students engaged on every level.

The rest is history!

While scores of educators at all levels are using this technology, so are other professionals in many other sectors, including healthcare, finance, banking, and more!

The Lightboard Depot Inc. provides a unique and revolutionary way for educators to showcase digital content. A glass pane is placed between the instructor and a camera, on which the instructor can write, draw, and erase just as they would on an old-school chalkboard. Not only can they write and draw, but they can simultaneously use the Lightboard to integrate audio/video content, power-point slides, spreadsheets, PDFs and more!

The instructor is continuously able to maintain eye contact with students from behind the glass pane while they lecture, helping to maintain engagement, as well as a relationship between the student and instructor, which can be a daunting task in online learning environments.

Everyone who is embracing this technology is giving it rave reviews.

Shauna Gupta, English for Academic Preparation Professor at Niagara College, exemplifies the need for technological advancement in classrooms today.

“It’s a new world and we need new tools,” says Gupta, and she has the statistics to back it up. She uses technology from the Lightboard Depot Inc. in her classes, which have seen an increase in student engagement by an extraordinary 70%.

She continues, “Students love it. To me, teaching and learning are something sacred. We’re here where we are with this technology, with this world we live in, because of teaching and learning”.

Gupta credits the device for not only improving rates of engagement among her students, but also for inspiring students, showing them that instructors were willing to put in the effort to make online learning accessible and engaging for them.

Thanh Campbell, a highly sought after motivational speaker and online coach states: “I love it. And it’s portable, it’s mobile. If you’re in a hotel, you can have it with you. If you’re traveling, and you’re going to be somewhere else, you can take it with you. This technology is just brilliant.”

The LightBoard Depot Inc. offers a standard version and now The FLEX for educators and professionals who are busy traveling.

Check out our products and set-up instructions and amp up your remote teaching experience today: The LightBoard Depot Inc.

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