How The LightBoard Depot Inc. will help transform the telehealth industry

Telehealth is an innovation that was born out of necessity, and has literally altered the delivery of healthcare world-wide.

The change, however, is all for the better, especially when just about every healthcare office/clinic had to switch from in-person appointments to online appointments in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep in mind, hospitals have and continue to remain open, but healthcare offices/clinics have been forced to adapt to a “new normal;” that is, keeping patients top of mind during a crisis while delivering patients the services they need.

Due to the pandemic, the surge in telehealth usage soared as most healthcare offices/clinics closed to in-person appointments.

Health care practitioners soon discovered that video conferencing platforms could prove to be a safe and effective way to deliver healthcare.

And they were right!

Millions of healthcare consumers have learned that it is so much easier to visit their doctor from their living room or kitchen table, rather than driving to an appointment, parking, and spending hours in a waiting room.

During the pandemic, telehealth served as a bridge to accessing healthcare, and now, as we are starting to put COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror, telehealth provides an opportunity to reinvent virtual care models, with the main goal of improving healthcare access, affordability, and outcomes.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. improves the patient/doctor virtual interaction dramatically simply because the doctor is able to not only maintain eye-contact with their patient, but also share and explain x-rays, or any other visuals.

This means that a doctor can help the patient understand what is on the screen because with the Free Open-Source Software, words, images, graphs, and videos are all flipped around, allowing the patient to read and fully understand front-on.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is also an invaluable method for doctors to consult with one another, like when a primary care doctor makes a referral to a specialist; they can use the technology to share any detailed and pertinent information about the patient.   

For medical students who are just entering the profession, having the LightBoard Depot Inc. for online training, or for collaborating with professors or fellow interns, will continue to be a valuable learning tool.

Mike Justason, Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University, is the brainchild behind the LightBoard, and states: “You can continuously maintain that relationship between the student and the instructor, which can be very challenging in online teaching,” and he adds that “words are flipped so the audience can decipher what’s written.”

Justason and his team of innovators at The LightBoard Depot Inc. made it their mission to keep doctor and patient relationships as strong as they were before the pandemic, when appointments were in the office, but now are being conducted virtually at home.

The technology is also proving beneficial for doctors and patients in this new era of “hybrid healthcare delivery,” which is a blend of at-home and in-office visits for patients. In other words, this new technology allows for us all to be flexible in the “new normal,” and especially since new variants are becoming a concern for everyone.

Health and safety is a must in these “new times,” but it’s The LightBoard Depot Inc. to the rescue.

Obviously, the pandemic has opened our eyes to being more productive and efficient when it comes to getting “the job done.”

The LightBoard Depot Inc. has many uses in all sorts of industries, including telehealth – a growing field in our healthcare system. Professionals in sales, education, banking, finance, real estate, and the arts and sciences and communications are now realizing effective ways to “get things done.”

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is helping in the delivery of healthcare through telehealth, and it isn’t just effective for physical healthcare: Mental health professionals will also find the LightBoard Depot Inc. to be a huge asset in working with patients from home.

For more information on how you can get the LightBoard Depot Inc. to enhance your delivery of tele-healthcare, visit our online store today!

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