How The LightBoard Depot Inc. is helping the masses in a post-pandemic world

There are certainly social advantages to in-class learning.

But, as we all know, that’s all changed.

COVID-19 has meant most of us hitting the reset button on how we do things.

The same holds true for those of us in the online and remote learning world as educators, coaches, and learners.

Keep in mind that we have also had plenty of disadvantages with in-class learning before COVID-19.

We are just realizing it now as we enter a ‘new normal,’ and now that we have had time to reflect on how change is good, and needed for that matter.

Before the pandemic, in-class learning meant distractions, and sometimes the inability to hear the instructor, or being unable to read what’s been written on the whiteboard or screen, especially if you happen to be seated in the rear of the lecture hall, or the classroom.

Times have changed for the better, thanks to The LightBoard Depot Inc.

At the start of the pandemic, when we were all thrust into lockdowns and in-person learning came to a grinding halt, the idea of remote learning was new to the masses, and the challenges revealed themselves quite quickly, which, aside from the social aspect of in-class learning, the common disadvantages seemed the same. Learning from home offered plenty of distractions, however, we all learned that those can be managed.

But what about being able to see the instructors face, and hearing what they’re saying as they turn to write on the whiteboard that you can hardly read?

These issues still remained with remote learning.

However, The LightBoard Depot Inc. came along and changed all of that.

As we start to put the pandemic behind us, and the world begins to slowly open back up, many educators are seeing how remote instruction is their new reality, and how The LightBoard Depot Inc. makes the task much easier and very effective.

“The LightBoard is a piece of glass positioned between the camera and the presenter, and it allows you to draw in much the same way you would on a blackboard or a whiteboard,” says Mike Justason, Assistant Professor in Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. completely eliminates the issues that traditional in-person and virtual learning shared

Thanks to our new technology, students are all able to see their instructors face-to-face, while at the same time instructors can use any visual on their computer.

In addition to the continuous face-to-face engagement, and the use of visuals, the remarkable technology behind The LightBoard Depot Inc. allows an instructor to write, or draw normally on a clear screen, while facing their audience on camera, and the text automatically reverses so the viewer can read it perfectly.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is extremely versatile in its applications, as its popularity is growing in all levels of education, businesses from every sector, and the way healthcare is delivered through tele-health.

Contact our team to see The LightBoard Depot Inc. in action, or for information on how our technology can be customized to fit your needs, and help enhance how you conduct your virtual classes or presentations.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is a member of The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving novel and scalable start-ups in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto and Niagara Regions.

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