The top advantages of using The LightBoard Depot Inc.

Whether you’re an instructor in an educational setting, or part of a non-profit organization or leading business, you can now dramatically enhance your online instruction experience and presentations with the world’s most affordable, professional quality, and simple to set-up LightBoard Studio in your home-office.

Originally developed in 2016, The LightBoard Depot Inc. has perfected their technology to fit perfectly in line with where the digital era has been taking us all along, and the unprecedented global pandemic has triggered a rapid move into the virtual world, where students and employees, both working remotely from home, is clearly becoming the norm. These changes are sticking around, and remote learning and virtual business is here to stay, and this new technology makes the process smooth, far more engaging, and very cost effective.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is Canada’s number one manufacturer, and provides you with all the tools you need to easily set-up a studio of your own. In addition to being the most affordable, The LightBoard Depot Inc. offers Canada-wide shipping and impeccable customer support. They also now ship to the USA.

“The LightBoard is a crystal clear piece of glass positioned between the camera and the presenter, which allows them to draw in much the same way they would on a blackboard or a whiteboard,” explains Mike Justason, who in addition to co-founding The LighBoard Depot Inc. is also an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is the perfect online educational tool, but its uses go far beyond the education environment. The technology provides the most professional-quality visual content for those in Tele-Health and Medicine, Coaching and Training, Design and Consulting, Performance Art, as well as being the perfect tool for meetings and group discussions.

“I’ve been absolutely thrilled with my LightBoard, and I don’t know how I would have been able to teach virtually without it,” says Christine DiCarlo, who is a Professor at Mohawk College.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. greatly improves the online instruction experience, especially for the student, by allowing them to see their instructor face to face, while at the same time, the instructor can use any visual they need from their computer, directly onto the LightBoard, without losing eye contact with the camera.

Erik Sorensen, from McMaster University, says: “I’ve been using The LightBoard Depot Inc. for almost my entire fall semester, and it’s been wonderful to use, and I think it’s safe to say that it saved the semester for me and my students.”

2022 is here, and with it comes a lot of uncertainty for so many, especially for educators, but you can be certain that the use of online courses and remote learning will continue to grow, along with the need to continually innovate how you deliver your message to your students, subscribers, or clients.

The LightBoard Depot inc. is a perfect production tool to deliver a more effective and engaging lesson or course, which will enhance the users experience and lead to greater engagement.

Contact our team today and engage students and clients.

For many, remote learning is just a term, but for our team, The LightBoard Depot Inc. is now a way of life!

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