Why professionals are utilizing The LightBoard Depot Inc.

If the past couple of years of navigating business through a global pandemic has taught us anything, it would probably be how important face-to-face communication matters.

We were all suddenly thrust into working remotely from home – from CEO’s of massive multi-national corporations, to insurance sales, to elementary school teachers, we all learned quickly how challenging it is keeping our online audience engaged.

As we start to put the worst of the pandemic behind us, thanks to vaccines and safety measures, and the monumental sacrifices our front line healthcare professionals and essential workers made for us, the truth is, remote business and instruction is here to stay.

Many businesses are beginning to notice that having employees working remotely is actually more productive and cost effective, and they are choosing to keep it that way.

Thanh Campbell is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and online coach, and he was sold on The LightBoard Depot Inc. technology right away.

One of the biggest issues however with remote instruction, or conducting a meeting through Zoom, is the speaker having to turn their back to screen to write on a white-board, or sharing the screen and completely blocking out the speaker.

This is a problem because when you turn your back to the audience, not only do you lose your non-verbal communication, but it becomes difficult to hear what you’re saying, and you lose credibility.

The LightBoard FLEX completely fixes that problem because at no time will the presenter need to turn their back to the camera.

Drawing diagrams, or writing on the FLEX screen, without having to write or draw backwards so the attendee can read the words properly, is the most incredible part of the technology.

Face-to-face communication also helps to build collaborative environments that inspires and energizes employees to participate in meetings, brainstorming sessions, and more. These environments foster engagement and innovation, which is important for employee satisfaction, as well as company culture and growth.

“Gestures, eye movement and facial expressions are adding far more to your speech than your actual words. In fact, 93% of communication is non-verbal. Turn your back and you’ve lost 93% of your presentation,” says popular keynote speaker and corporate entertainer Peter Vogel.

The LightBoard FLEX provides continuous face-to-face engagement, and because of its smaller size, and the fact that it is flexible and mobile, it can be used from anywhere.

Whether you’re conducting a presentation, or teaching a class virtually, remember, when you give presentations, never turn your back to the audience. Only an orchestra conductor can do that.

The solution: consider getting The LightBoard FLEX. Teaching more effectively and engaging your audience is a must in our new online world.

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