The LightBoard Depot Inc. is technology for our new normal

Let’s go back.  Way, way back to two years ago.  It really wasn’t that long ago, but it seems like forever. 

Imagine a student sitting in the classroom or the lecture hall, blissfully unaware that everything is about to change.  Now let’s think of that student and how they are getting their information:  Whiteboards and projected PowerPoint presentations, right?

Fast-forward to now.  An amazing thing has happened in the world of learning. Teachers, professors, and even business coaches, have adapted to teaching and learners have adapted to learning in much different ways. 

The pandemic forced schools, colleges, and universities to move online, often with teachers and professors adopting a synchronous teaching model.  Educators were now essentially broadcasting their lessons via a live meeting app, while their many students learned at home.  PowerPoints and Google slides, for example, were still a thing, yet the teacher was left just to advance slides and read out information, rather than actually teach.

Enter The LightBoard Depot Inc. – a new way for educators to be present in their teaching, while students learn remotely.  The LightBoard Depot Inc. is revolutionary technology that allows the educator to be facing students and interacting directly with them, while displaying information on a crystal-clear pane of glass.  This technology lets the teacher write or draw similarly to the way they would on a chalk-or white-board, and words and content are flipped around for the audience to see, thanks to free, open-sourced software.

But there’s more! The LightBoard Depot Inc. can also display documents, webpages and videos.  These documents remain live and can be manipulated by the teacher’s marker.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. is so practical for educators because there is only one set-up in your home office or that spare room in the house.  Students, especially those with diverse learning needs (i.e. everyone!), benefit from the teacher forward-facing (no loss of sound) and interacting with the class continuously.  No more switching from presentation mode and having the screen freeze on your face!

Thanks to the pandemic, hybrid learning is now the norm in education.  The LightBoard Depot Inc. is technology that bridges the gap between classroom and remote learning, allowing the educator to be present in every moment of teaching, helping keep learners more engaged and successful in course content.

If you are a teacher, instructor, professor, businesses coach, or work in healthcare, then you will want to get your hands on this new technology that is dominating institutions right across Canada.

Contact The LightBoard Depot Inc. team today and learn about our products and services that will amp up your remote presentations.

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