The LightBoard Depot Inc. showcases its technology at the annual Better Business Expo Site

Do you have Zoom fatigue? Are you looking for better ways to teach and engage your students in our new, remote teaching and learning world?

If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, or both, then now is your chance to learn more about The LightBoard Depot Inc.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. team will be showcasing its technology at the Better Business Expo in London, ON, on Friday, April 28, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, at the Marconi Club of London.

Since the pandemic took its grip on our world, teachers, instructors, professors, and business coaches, to name a handful, have been raving about the technology and now it is your turn to see this innovation, live in action.

The Better Business Expo is Canada’s premier business-to-business tradeshow and networking event. This event connects business professionals with the most innovative business development products and services. There are two components of the Better Business Expo. This event features a large business development tradeshow with over 50 exhibitors and a conference with keynote speakers and business leaders from the community.

The Better Business Expo allows you to connect with the communities most proactive suppliers of business development products and services. The open networking aspect attracts hundreds of business owners, executives and entrepreneurs looking for resources and contacts to help them start or grow their businesses.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s game-changing technology ramps up the engagement of dull Zoom calls by affording presenters the same tools they would work with in a classroom or a boardroom.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s product sets up like a glass pane between the webcam and the presenter. An instructor can write on the glass pane as they would a whiteboard while facing the classroom.

Companies have long chased the solution to maximum efficiency in a digital meeting space, until The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s innovation no one had solved the impersonal nature of medium and lack of connection.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s remarkable technology allows visuals to be shared on the screen, allowing the use of existing content like PowerPoint slides or spreadsheets, which the instructor can interact with in real-time.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s screen can display anything a computer screen can display. In addition to allowing the instructor to write, or draw, on a crystal-clear screen while facing their audience on camera, the text automatically reverses so the viewer can read it perfectly.

Countless educators, business coaches, and leaders in industries in all sectors are flocking toward The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s technology in the face of the new reality in digital communication.

“I think we just need to bring back this human element. There’s a high level of Zoom fatigue. People need to know that you can deliver in a virtual environment and deliver effectively and get your point across effectively. And The LightBoard Depot Inc. facilitates this in a way that’s very engaging. And I think this is the technology for the times,” says Adrian Davis, an international speaker, business strategist, and trusted advisor for chief executives and sales leaders.

After being introduced to the technology, Thanh Campbell, a highly sought-after motivational speaker and online coach, was sold on it right away.

“When I was introduced to The LightBoard, it was revolutionary. As an online coach, and presenter, I’m able to stay engaged with my audience through the technology,” he says.

The technology is being used by scores of notable higher-education institutions, businesses and organizations, including McMaster University and Mohawk College in Hamilton, Durham Deaf Services, Conestoga College in Kitchener, The Beanstalk Project, and Arts For A Better Tomorrow in Los Angeles. The LightBoard Depot Inc. is now getting big interest from business leaders and educators in Telemedicine, and corporations involved in commerce, banking, and healthcare.

You’re invited to attend this event and experience everything the London business community has to offer! Claim your free tickets and use promo code LIST.

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