How The LightBoard Depot Inc. will help all of us teach more effectively in a remote learning world

Educators and business leaders have flocked to the LightBoard Depot Inc. which has allowed them to capture the full attention of a remote audience in ways like never before.

The need for educators and business leaders to capture attention remotely exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. But as society comes out the other side of the pandemic don’t, expect remote learning to go away anytime soon. The world was already becoming increasingly remote, the pandemic merely served as an accelerant, now many are beginning to accept remote learning as the new normal. 

While course instructors have adapted to digital learning some have done better than others, capturing and holding attention can be a struggle as students and employees wrestle with Zoom fatigue.

While instructors struggled to capture attention, on the other side of the coin students struggled to engage with material and information in an online space. According to a Common Sense Media poll conducted with high school students during COVID-19, 59% of students surveyed said online learning is worse than in-person schooling, and 19% described it as “much worse.” Nearly half of students surveyed who wanted to return to the classroom said they learn better in-person and over 61% of the total group reported they were concerned about falling behind academically due to the pandemic.

For many students the move to remote learning led to lagging focus and straying attention. Oftentimes this happens because of the monotonous and impersonal way in which information is conveyed. Learning becomes inaccessible. Students who don’t do well with auditory learning struggle in video lessons, and students who rely on visual support have difficulty with text-heavy readings or long seminars.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The LightBoard Depot Inc. enhances online teaching and presentations providing a professional quality to your lessons or meetings and adding an engaging element. The Lightboard is a piece of glass between the presenter and the camera. Functionally allowing instructors to utilize the Lightboard the same way they might a chalkboard in the classroom.

The LightBoard Depot’s technology offers incredible versatility and can display anything a computer can display. So instructors can display any kind of visual assistance such as slides or graphs and they can also write or draw on them as needed simply by interacting with the Lightboard.

 The LightBoard Depot is offering the most effective method to hold the audience’s attention wherever they’re watching. Educators and business leaders using the Lightboard are thriving thanks to this new way to engage and command a digital audience’s full attention.

The LightBoard Depot’s products are user-friendly and make your teaching experience easier, more fun, and far more effective.

Contact us today so that we can help you teach and engage effectively in this new era of remote learning.

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