Why you should utilize The LightBoard Depot Inc. and how this technology will engage students

The LightBoard Depot Inc. offers you a competitive advantage in a digital world and mastery over enticing and engaging presentations.

Digital spaces have become the default learning environment for many even as the COVID-19 are mitigated and the world approaches something resembling normalcy residual effects are likely to remain and digital learning appears to be one of them. Whether it is a greater abundance of caution entering a post-pandemic world or the learned experience of these digital spaces becoming routine. Some research even suggests online learning can be even more effective than in-class learning based on being more time-efficient.

One undeniable drawback to digital learning has been the feeling of Zoom fatigue. The tired fog that online students fall into when an instructor drones on without interruption, or when a screen-share is active to show a slideshow presentation so impersonal students forget they’re even in class let alone to pay attention.

The Lightboard Depot Inc.’s technology is a game changing addition to the classroom that massively boosts engagement. The lightboard functions the same way an instructor may use a chalkboard in the classroom. Instead, it is a piece of glass between the virtual presenter and the camera. Instructors never even need to break eye contact with the students to write on the LightBoard Depot like they would a traditional chalkboard. Constant eye contact enhances engagement and maintains the relationship between student and instructor at all times, which can be so difficult to achieve remotely. 

In addition to the lightboard’s chalkboard-like features, it is able to display any content displayable on the computer screen. This versatile display option allows instructors to showcase a variety of visual components such as previously made-up slideshow presentations, graphs, charts, and more. The display remains, of course, interactive so instructors can draw on or make notes on whatever learning aids they’ve loaded onto the lightboard in real-time. It’s a great touch for students who are visual learners and it doesn’t have the same impersonal effect as screen sharing slides as the instructor never has to look away or disappear from the screen.

On top of all the classroom benefits, the lightboard is easy to use. The LightBoard Depot offers the world’s most adaptable Lightboard Studio Kits and guarantees users of all skill levels can be successful with their lightboards. Staff at the LightBoard Depot offer comprehensive three-stage “Setup, Startup, STARup” training. Each customer receives a minimum one-on-one training session and LightBoard Depot will ensure customers reach their goals.

The LightBoard Depot is revolutionizing the booming sector of online learning with user-friendly lightboards making your teaching experience easier, more fun, and far more effective.

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